Name: Michael Polite Coffie
Alias: The P.A.N (Punishing All Negativity), PAN the MAN, MPC, The Fighting Marine
Born: 1986-06-17
Birthplace: Bronx, New York, USA
Residence: Brooklyn, New York, USA

Amateur Career Highlights

  • 2016 Daily News Golden Gloves 201+lb novice division runner up
  • 2016 NY Tournament 201+lb novice division champion
  • 2016 NY Metropolitan Championship Tournament 201+lb open division runner up
  • 2016 Purebreed Tournament 201+lb open division champion
  •  2017 Daily News Golden Gloves 201+lb open division champion .He beat the #1 ranked boxer in the USA.
  • The PC Richards knockout of the night award winner 2016 (Golden Gloves)
  • The PC Richards punch of the night award winner 2016 (Golden Gloves)
  • The PC Richards fighter of the night award (Golden Gloves)
  • The PC Richards punch of the night award 2017 (Golden Gloves)

Michael was born on June 17th 1986 in the Bronx to a drug addicted mother and absentee father. Michael and his 9 siblings were removed from the care and custody of his mother and awarded to the state of New York. Once Michael was in the custody of the state at the age of 2yrs old he was put into the foster care system and he was relocated to the borough of Brooklyn. He moved from one foster care family to the next in every section of Brooklyn. Once Michael reached his teenage years he was placed with a family in Malverne, NY. Michael would remain in Long Island until he graduated from Malverne High School. Michael would later re locate back to Brooklyn and around his 20th birthday he decided that a life in the military would be the best choice for him at that time. Michael enlisted into the United States Marine Corps. Michael served our country for a period of 8 years with tours in Afghanistan. Michael met coach Khoury Porter in 2015 and in the winter 2016 entered the Daily News Golden Gloves tournament with 2 months experience in the sport of boxing

Boxing Record