Tyrone Crawley is a bright spot in the Philadelphia fight game. Following in his fathers footsteps, Crawley has yet to take a loss and has overcome tremendous adversity thru his life and career. We interviewed the future contender while preparing for his fight May 19th at 2300 Arena in Philadelphia Pa.

How is training camp going?
Training camp going good. Had to start the sparring part of camp a little later due to the fact I’m just getting over a broken left hand. Minus that it’s great.

Was the hand an ongoing issue before the break or did it just happen?
Never had a issue with my left before.

How did you get involved in boxing?
My father who is also my trainer had a good boxing career in the 1980’s. So it goes from there. 20 and 0 as amateur and u defeated as a pro. So its all good.

Whats it like having your father as a trainer? Any added pressure from him?
No pressure really. Just be me. Just want to make him proud. Him being my trainer made our relationship as father and son stronger.

What goes thru your mind fight night and how do keep calm leading up to the fight
Just don’t get knocked out.. lol.. Just focus, listen to music and just try and relax.

What has it been like fighting for Kings promotions
Kings Promotions is great. I took 3 years off due to my son passing and some health issues. I came back and Kings Promotions was there to put me back in the ring.

sorry for your lose, any words of encouragement for someone going thru a similar situation or a hard time on their path

It doesn’t rain forever. It’s going be sunny eventually. Tough times don’t last but people do. It makes you stronger as a individual.

How did the layoff effect you? Difficult to shake rust?
Ring rust for a round or two and then I snap into my groove.

What can fans expect from you fight night?
Smart boxing. Most importantly a win.

Any shoutouts mentions etc?
Thank Fastlane, Attackmode and Happy Hollow boxing gyms. Everyone that helped me get ready. My girl for putting up with me because I get moody the closer the fight get. My dad for the push. Can’t forget mom’s for praying with me consistently.