From Reading Eagle Newspaper:

By Evan Jones
Reading Eagle correspondent

Robert “Black Gold” Sockwell and Grayson Blake spent most of their six-round junior middleweight bout beating each other up.

The main event in Saturday night’s Rumble at the Riveredge, the two thrilled the standing-room-only crowd with simultaneous bursts of energy that led to some mutual swings that usually connected.

However, it was Sockwell who got in the last word. Going hard in the final minutes of the fight, he punched hard enough to remove Blake’s mouthguard.

That final burst was also enough to convince the judges; Sockwell won by unanimous decision.

“It was determination, my brother, determination,” said Sockwell, who improved his record to 5-2-1. “I worked on his timing and on his left side. He was working a lot on his left side, so I took it to the right. This feels great, beating a previously undefeated guy.”

Sockwell’s win topped a six-bout card from King’s Promotions. An eight-round middleweight bout with Harry Yorgey was supposed to be the main event, but was scratched because an opponent couldn’t be found.

Still the boxers who did come into the ring put on a thrilling show that featured two draws.

The evening’s only knockout came courtesy of Yordenis Ugas, who prevailed in a battle of junior welterweights. He ended it 46 seconds into the third round when he knocked down Dedrick Bell for the third, and final, time.

Among local fighters, Reading’s Frank DeAlba won a unanimous decision over Benjamin “The Shadow” Burgos in a four-round lightweight bout.

Like the main event, it was a very spirited fight, but DeAlba was able to land some key punches and send Burgos’ mouthguard to the canvas. In the fourth round, Burgos tried to win back some points with aggressiveness, but DeAlba stayed cool and was able to keep anything hard from landing.

“I knew I couldn’t knock him out because he’s a tough fighter,” said DeAlba, who stands at 5-1-2. “I tried to outsmart him and beat him by points.”

Another Reading fighter, Jeremy Stauffer, fought to a draw with Elvin Sanchez in a four-round cruiserweight bout. Stauffer was aggressive through the middle rounds, but Sanchez was able to answer enough to get tied scorecards from two of the judges.

The other draw was a four-rounder between junior welterweights Charles Mack and David Warren Huffman. Mack looked impressive staying on his feet as the veteran Huffman kept putting him on the ropes.

One rookie who wasn’t as fortunate was Aaron Bratton, who lost by split decision to Aaron “Animal” Kinch in a four-rounder, featuring heavyweights.


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