Name: Naim Nelson
Born: 1990-05-31
Birthplace: USA
Residence: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Stance: Orthodox
Height: 5′ 8″ / 173cm
Reach: 68″ / 173cm

– I had about 80 amateur fights, I won 70 of them, including 5 Philadelphia Golden Gloves titles. I never won a national title, always had more of a pro style.

– I developed my love of the the sport from watching the fights on tv with my dad as a kid, that drew me to boxing. However it was actually my mother who took me to the gym for the first time when I was 12 years old, back in 2002.

– I was never much of an athlete before boxing. I was more of studious type who enjoyed reading books and learning about everything really. I still love to read.

– When I’m not boxing I work, I read, and I spend time with my family and friends. I don’t party at all honestly, I’m a homebody.

– No wife or kids. Just my parents and siblings.

– No other boxers in my family.

– My trainer is Zahir Justice. My last fight with Mario Barrios was actually our 1st fight working together officially. I’ve known him for a long time and have trained out of his Fastlane Boxing Gym in West Philly over the years. We found out a fews years ago that we are actually relatives(cousins). We have always gotten along well with each other, and he’s always been willing to assist me, and show me a thing or two. We have good chemistry in the gym, and I believe that we’ll prove to be an effective team.

My manager is Stephen “Breadman” Edwards. I followed his boxing writing online for years before I ever met him in person. He is definitely one of the best boxing minds out there. To this day I still read everything he writes.

-Favorites boxers of all time: Joe Louis, Both Sugar Ray’s, Of course Ali, Tyson, Prince Naseem, Trinidad, Mosley, Segio Martinez, and PacMan.

– My fighting style is unique. I don’t fight at all like a guy who only has one knockout. I would like to think I punch harder than my 1 KO indicates, I’m usually the physically stronger guy in the ring. When I’m at my best I’m active and fight at a high pace.

Interesting facts:

I had an academic scholarship to the University of Pennsylvania. I put my studies on hold momentarily to pursue my childhood dream of becoming a professional boxer. Hence the nickname Naim “The Dream”. There’s to meaning the name, I’m living my dream.

I’m a licensed insurance agent, I work with my father in the family business. We sell any kind of insurance imaginable. My dad has over 30 years experience and I’ve been around the business my whole life.

I was a Boy Scout for 10 years, and participated in all of the camping/hiking and marching activities. I think it built character and instilled discipline in me.

I can’t swim

Boxing Record