King’s Gym took 6 boxers to Pittsburgh today 5/23/09 to compete in amateur boxing competition in order to help raise money for the 3 fallen Officers that were shot and killed when responding to a call for domestic violence. The 6 boxers and 2 coaches that made the trip to Pittsburgh were 110lbs. Quincy Staples, 125lbs. Jesus Perez, 132lbs. Frankie Espada, 141lbs. Jose Martinez, 178lbs. Antonio Mitchell, 201+ John Williams, Coaches were Jason Kauffman & Dennis Rivera.

They will arrive in Pittsburgh around 12noon today and then weigh-in and eat and then see the City of Pittsburgh for the first time.

They then will compete at 7pm tonight and then stay in a hotel and come home tomorrow. Let’s keep these young men in our prayers so that they have a safe trip and most importantly that they put on a good show for the fans that came out to support those families of the fallen officers.

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