The day started off at 6:30 am for coach Jason Kauffman & Dennis Rivera who took a team of 6 amateur boxers to Pittsburgh to compete for the City of Pittsburgh to raise funds for the families of the 3 officers that were shot down a few months ago. Jason & Dennis loaded up the van as they waited until the 6 boxers all arrived at King’s Gym. Once they all arrived which was about 6:55am they then got on the road for a 4 hour drive. Also going to Pittsburgh that day was 4 other gyms as well, York Boxing Club, Harrisburg Boxing Club, Phoenixville Pal, & Joltin’s Gym from Reading.

In total there were 11 boxers that would make the drive to compete that day against other boxers from the Pittsburgh area.
King’s Gym had great success in Pittsburgh as they have had at other tournaments as well as the Golden Gloves, but most importantly the best thing about the trip was that they all had fun.

The results of the fights are here for you to see, but the one thing that you don’t get a chance to see is how a trip like this impacts the lives of these young men or women. They continue to build friendship and build self esteem and they learn what it is like to experience different cities and people. It is like when a student is in school and the thing that they look forward to is the class trip at the end of the year, well we at King’s Gym never want that class trip to end. Let’s continue to take these young men & women on class trips at King’s Gym all year long.

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