The minute that I heard that they made Kermit Cintron against Alfredo Angulo I knew that Kermit had a great chance of winning that fight. I also thought what a lucky guy to be given another chance after his last performance on HBO against Sergio Martinez.
It is funny how people say that you are only as good as your last fight, well Kermit proved them all wrong and he had the help of Angulo to do that.

Cintron vs AnguloI told a number of people when asked if Kermit would win, I told them that he had a great chance of winning and that the first 2rds. would show me how Kermit was going to fight. I knew that if Kermit took charge right from the beginning that he could have even stopped Angulo in the later rounds.

A writer asked me what I thought of the fight and I told him just that, and that Kermit was going to do well because Angulo only had 15 professional fights and has not been tested as Kermit has been. Angulo also got hit way too much to beat Kermit, and I knew that once Kermit hit him flush that he was going to respect Kermits power and not take risky chances and this is why Angulo helped because I believe that he was afraid to take chances. I always tell everyone, as I always did and always will, that Kermit has the skills and the power to beat any boxer in his weight class if his mind is right.

His mind was right on Sat. night and he deserves credit for how he boxed and how good he rolled from the right hand and left hooks of Angulo. Angulo was too slow and too inexperienced for Kermit. I have just 2 things to say to Kermit for that win, congratulations and please start saying Reading again and not Wyomissing. 🙂

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