How do you know what gym to choose for yourself our for your son or daughter. Well you must first ask yourself what it is that you want out of a boxing gym. Do I want to move forward as a good amateur or a good professional or do I want to just do this as a hobby and get in shape.

These are just some of the questions that you need to ask yourself. Once you figured it out then you should be able to get an ideal of what kind of boxing gym it is that you should join. There are boxing gyms that are free of charge and then there are those that charge you a gym dues. Most of the time when you get something for free, it isn’t that good anyway. I found out that in life that when you have to pay for something, most of the time it is better for you anyway. (You only get what you pay for)

The other thing that should be important in finding a good boxing gym is seeing if the coaches that are in the gym have any back ground in training boxers and if so, what experience do they have and how long have they done it? Having a coach that does not know much about training a boxer can ruin a young kid more then help even if they have good intentions. The reason I say this, is that what happens is if they are not coached properly the kid would someday spar and when that happens they could get beat up and eventually discouraged. This does a lot of damage to a young boy or girl’s self esteem. The other thing that happens is they learn bad habits and once that happens, it takes a long time to correct those bad habits.

I hope this gives you a little bit of an understanding on how to go about looking for a good boxing gym. It is not all about the looks or the location, but what the gym produces. (Self Esteem & Confidence, & Respect)

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